About Us

Beyaz Kağıt founded in Adana Organized Industrial Zone is a production plant on total 56.000 m2 area of which 40.000 m2 is indoor.

Our factory with a daily production capacity of approximately 1,500 tons of detergent is among Turkey’s leading detergent manufacturer. It can be filled from 150 gr to 650 kg.

Our factory, with its “Sulfonation” facility, is an integrated manufacturing facility that can manufacture “Labsa” which is the main raw material of detergent, up to 60 tons a day. Our company offering quality products with its capable, specialist and qualified personnel over 550 registered its quality with Quality Management Certificates and has been approved within a short period by the consumers by receiving the awards of “Recommendation to All Consumers” and “Golden Brand”.

Our company manufactures in all groups with “PEROS” which is its primary brand and brings its products to final consumers with its brands such as “ASPEROX” and “SEV”.

Beyaz Kağıt plays an important role in foreign market except from internal market. It exports to total 72 countries in Middle East, Africa, the Balkans and Central Asia.

Beyaz Kağıt, in both national market and international market, is consistently growing by reaching to world standards in international market with its quality and eco-friendly products and keeps serving accordingly.