Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is one of an absolute must. A clean and healthy bathroom means a clean home. Since the bathroom is an area that is constantly wet and humid, it must be cleaned frequently and in detail. For this reason, a powerful and economical cleaner is your best assistant in bathroom cleaning. You can clean your bathroom from head to toe, including stains on tiles, with Asperox Bathroom Cleaner, and purify your bathroom from visible and invisible dirt. You can click here for product features.

Toilet Cleaning

The most numerous and most dangerous germs and bacteria occur in toilets. With the Asperox Bathroom Cleaner, which stands out with its descaling feature, you can easily clean the hard-to-reach places inside the toilet with the help of a brush. During cleaning, spray Asperox Multipurpose Cleaner, all-purpose cleaner with bleach feature, all over your toilet, close the lid of your toilet and wait for a while. Afterwards, clean the places where you spray Asperox with the help of a brush. Finally, do not forget to flush a few times. For a daily and quick toilet cleaning, you can spray some Asperox Bathroom Cleaner into the closet every day.

Bathroom sink

It is of great importance that the bathroom sink, which is the place where we wash our hands and brush our teeth, perhaps the most visited place during the day, is hygienic. It is very easy and practical to clean the bathroom sink, which is troublesome to clean due to long-standing dirt and sometimes residues such as lime and toothpaste, with Asperox Bathroom Cleaner. You can click here for product features.

Shower head

Even if we don’t think of it, shower heads are one of the places where bacteria and germs can reproduce. In addition, they may not be used efficiently by clogging over time due to lime. You can clean dirty, rusted and lime-covered shower heads with Asperox Bathroom Cleaner. For a sparkling shower head, you can clean either by turning the shower head cover off or by spraying directly on it.