Living Room Cleaning

Living Room Cleaning

One of the places where you spend the most time at home is the living room. In short, it is the heart of the house. Both the living room and cleanliness of it is so crucial as it is the place where we spend the most time.

Roller Blinds Cleaning

When you open your window to ventilate your home, the dust that is formed in the air all day, adheres to your roller blinds, and over time, dirties your curtain, and changes its color. By cleaning your roller blinds regularly, you can get a clean image and prevent the accumulated dust from mixing into your home air again. With Asperox Magic Yellow Ultra Grease and dirt remover, you can easily clean your roller blinds and feel the freshness of the lemon scent filling your home. You can click here for product features.

Sofas Cleaning

We spend most of our free time at home, sometimes while resting, sometimes chatting, sometimes in front of the television, sometimes reading a book, but definitely sitting on the sofa. And the pleasure of having a snack on the sofa is indisputable. What about the stains! In order to clean the stains and dirt on your sofas, it is not enough to sweep, but a detailed cleaning is required to be made. By adding Asperox Multipurpose Cleaner to the water you will clean, you can wipe your sofas with a moistened cloth and provide an effective cleaning. You can click here for product features.

Carpet Cleaning

One of the most important matters of home decoration is carpet. Carpet selection is very important to create a warm atmosphere in your home. The most important issue in choosing a carpet is that it can be cleaned easily. Being easy to clean ensures your carpet can be used for a long time. 

Your carefully selected carpets bring visual warmth to your home and make it easier to warm up in cold weather. Do we take good care of our carpets as they do for us?

First, vacuum the carpet to be cleaned. If there is an greasy stain on it, you can get rid of the persistent stain by spraying the Asperox Magic Yellow ultra grease and dirt remover to the stain part of the carpet and wiping the stain with a clean cloth in 5 seconds. Do not forget to ventilate your carpet outdoors if possible after cleaning. You can click here for product features.