Shoe Cleaning

The soles and sides of your shoes carry the dirt outside and are stained. You can get a clean appearance by wiping the soles and sides of your shoes with a clean dry cloth after spraying Asperox Magic Yellow ultra grease and dirt solvent and waiting for 5 seconds. Your shoes will look brand new and clean with Asperox Magic Yellow grease and dirt solvent, which will make a difference especially in your white shoes and patent leather.

Wall Cleaning

Black and brown stains on the walls are usually difficult to clean. Although the walls are not cleaned very often, the cleanness of your walls gives your home a spacious look. You do not have to worry about soot stains caused by heating, your children painting the walls, grease splashes on the walls in the kitchen, stains and dirt caused by cigarette smoke. You can get clean walls by applying Asperox Magic Yellow  to the stains on your wall and wiping it with a wet cloth after 5 seconds.

Grout Cleaning

It’s time to say goodbye to the toothbrush, the most well-known joint cleaning technique. Asperox Magic YellowUltra removes and removes the most stubborn stains on your joints in 5 seconds with its ultra grease solvent feature. Squeeze Asperox Magic Yellow Ultra between the joints, wait 5 seconds and clean with a damp sponge!