Vehicle Cleaning

Vehicle Cleaning


The dirtiest part of motorcycles is of course the wheels. The cleaning of the rims highlights the well-groomed appearance of the motorcycle. For a practical and effortless cleaning, Asperox Magic Yellow grease and dirt solvent will be your motorcycle’s best travel companion. 5 seconds after you spray the Asperox Magic Yellow on your rim, wipe it with a dry or damp cloth and you can continue on your way with your shining rims.

Car Cleaning

Include Asperox Magic Yellow in your trunk with its ability to dissolve grease from grease stains to engine cover dust that may occur on your car and with its surface brightening feature, and do not have to take your car to wash your car constantly for stains. With Asperox Multipurpose Cleaner multi-purpose general cleaning fluid, you can now enjoy your journey without fear of stains on your car seat.

Bicycle Cleaning

The more often you clean and look after your bike, the longer you will use it efficiently. The service life of accessories and parts that are not maintained and cleaned becomes shorter. Especially in heavy rainy and snowy weather, decay may start on unused bicycles. Even if you will not be using your bike for a long time, you should clean it at regular intervals. With Asperox Magic Yellow , you can quickly clean your bike in 5 seconds before you use it. With Asperox Magic Yellow Power, you can get rid of rust on your bike in 5 seconds. You can click here for product details.