Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

One of the most used and most hygienic places in our homes is our kitchen. Our kitchen may look pretty clean, with a daily cleaning routine; So is it really as hygienic as it looks clean? At this point, professional cleaning materials come to our aid and help us to make our kitchen hygienic by removing even invisible dirt. By ensuring complete hygiene in the kitchen, we also eliminate the risk of germs and bacteria spreading to our body and to other parts of our home through contact and nutrition. So, Let’s take a look at the ways to easily get rid of dirt and stains in your kitchen and provide hygiene with the wide range of products of Asperox, your biggest assistant in the kitchen.


Although eating and cooking are very enjoyable; when it comes to cleaning cooking utensils that get dirty, greased, and dirty with overflowing food no matter how careful we are, the joy is lost a bit. However, there is an easy way to do this; Spray the Asperox Magic Yellow ultra Grease Remover onto the surface you want to clean, count up to 5, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge and be ready for the miracle. With Asperox Magic Yellow Grease Remover, which removes grease and dirt without difficulty and without scrubbing; After meal cleaning is no longer a hassle, you can think about the next meal you will cook with pleasure.


The smell and taste of the dishes made in the oven will be distinctive. It is also very practical. Often when we focus on the meal and do not pay much attention to what is happening in the oven, grease and dirt accumulate as the time passes. It is also difficult to clean the seared Grease and dirt. With Asperox Magic Yellow, you can easily clean both the interior of your oven, as well as the trays and grills, in just a few seconds.


Although the cooker hood is very useful when cooking, it attracts Grease along with the smell and gets dirty over time. Dirty hoods also start to operate with lower efficiency. Although it seems very troublesome to clean the dirt and grease accumulated in hoods, it is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5 with Asperox Magic Yellow ! You can effortlessly clean the dirt and grease accumulated on both the filter and the surface of your hood with Asperox Magic Power .


The most used feature in the kitchen is the sink. In addition, the places that are constantly wet or moist, such as sinks, are one of the places where germs and bacteria love the most because they can reproduce most easily. These germs and bacteria can cause illness by contaminating the dishes in the sink or washing vegetables and fruits. You can now rely on wet and damp surfaces by easily cleaning your sink with Asperox Kitchen Cleaner, the super powerful grease and dirt remover.


The dishwasher’s job is to clean; So how clean is it actually itself? We mentioned that wet and damp surfaces are the most suitable environments for the growth of germs and bacteria. Since the dishwasher is mostly damp, you can clean the inside of your machine with Asperox Multipurpose Cleaner multi-purpose general cleaning fluid at regular intervals to remove dirt and stains. After cleaning your machine, don’t forget to operate it at high temperature and ventilate well when it is empty.

Toast machine

The easiest dish: grilled cheese! Is it that easy to clean grilled cheese toasters that get greased and dirty over time? Yes, with solvent-free Asperox Magic Yellow , where you can easily remove seared dirt and grease left on the grill of your toast machine! You can click here for product features.

Kitchen Countertops

If there is a place in the kitchen that gets even more dirty than the appliances we use, it is the kitchen counter. It would be very difficult to remove stains, especially if you delay cleaning even a little. With its dermatologically tested Asperox Magic Yellow , it cleans the stains on the kitchen counter and even the stubborn stains between the joints in 5 seconds. You can also continue to create wonders in your immaculate kitchen without a break. You can click here for product features.


Refrigerator is an absolute must in every home. Unfortunately, our refrigerator, which protects food and drinks from spoiling, cannot protect us from germs and bacteria. For this reason, it is important to clean refrigerators regularly and to preserve food in a hygienic environment. For cleaning, first turn off or unplug your refrigerator, if it has a shutdown button. Open the refrigerator doors. Take out whatever is in the refrigerator. Take a clean bucket of water and drop Asperox Multipurpose Cleaner multi-purpose general cleaning liquid into it. Soak your cloth with the water containing the Asperox Multipurpose Cleaner you have prepared and clean the shelves and inside of your refrigerator. Afterwards, finish the cleaning by drying the damp places. If you want to clean the radiators behind your refrigerator, you can spray them with Asperox Magic Yellow, wait for a while and then clean them with normal clear water.